Work From Home

Work From Home Requirements

When you are running a home based business or if your asked to work from home by your company or you choose a flexible work place which allows you to be based in your home office then you are going to be needing certain IT tech products, hardware and software. Here is a list of things to consider

Home Office: Your going to need a place to work from home to have a desk and a chair. The desks we have some cool options to allow for stand up mode which make its easy to work all day from. You can sit or stand at these stand-up desks


Office 365 is going to be need on your computer at home or your notebook. Microsoft allows for monthly subscription of Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint all in different packages

Remote access is always important as some companies may require you to access your desktop computer at the office. This software allows you to use the desktop computer at your company via the cloud with these software services.

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