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In the cloud

It's on the cloud

That means you can access FreePOS from any device, anywhere, any time.

We believe in unlimited

With any package, you've got unlimited number of stores and tills, products, customers, suppliers… Just enjoy your POS system without worrying about any limitation.

It's flexible

Take an order anywhere in your store from your tablet and make the payment later on your register, anything is possible!

It's intuitive

Save on training, avoid errors and go fast with a self-explanatory selling screen. The back-end is as easy to master.
Work offline

It works offline

Yes, it's an online system - but it doesn't mean you won't be able to do anything if your internet goes down! You can fully process orders offline; they will be synchronized as soon as you get back online.
The great small things

It has lots of small things that make it great

Like useful info on your customers when you need it. Just smile and ask: "Same thing as last time?".

Customize it to your needs

You've got additional features that you can enable and lots of customization options. Change the appearance of the POS to your colors in seconds. Running a restaurant or a café? You can enable the table management and booking features.
Insightful reporting

Information is key

We provide you with insightful live reports on how your business is going. From top level management to the detail of every sale.

Your accounting is made easy

Using Xero? End of day information can be automatically sent to your accounting software. More partnerships to come :)
Have it for free

And most of all, we like it free!

Wouldn't be cool to never pay for your POS system when you have a bad day? Or when you're starting a new business? You pay depending on your sales. And even if you perform very well, FreePOS stays damn cheap for a great value.


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